Arianne Huene

Arianne Huene

First and foremost I am a gardener. I am passionate about the many benefits that plants bring to homes and those who inhabit them. Flowing from this stems my desire to create lush outdoor living spaces for clients to immerse themselves in; to entertain, to relax, to restore, and to play. I love to use bold hardscape materials and contrast them with soft textural plantings to create an attractive and functional design aesthetic.

I have designed landscapes and gardens throughout the Vancouver Island region, from expansive rural acreages, to chic patio gardens, to family back yards. I revel in the different styles, scope and challenges of each design environment. It’s my constant delight and privilege to be welcomed into my client’s homes.

Beginning with my hand tools, wheelbarrow and secateurs, I began my training as a Certified Horticultural Landscape Technician in 2006 working in residential garden maintenance.

During 18 years in horticulture I have expanded upon my knowledge of traditional landscape design, installation and maintenance into contemporary landscape design, organic gardening, permaculture, and regenerative and resilient landscaping.

Many hours of professional development time is spent upgrading my design skills and keeping up with continuously evolving trends and practices in the landscaping and horticultural industries. I am a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I have intimate knowledge of the climate and microclimates of our Comox Valley and the broader region.

  • 2021- present: Arianne Huene Landscape Design, Comox Valley
  • 2012 – 2020: A Rose in Thyme Landscape Design, Comox Valley
  • 2007 – 2012: Gardens by Arianne, Victoria

Enduring and inspiring, I look to the natural world for guidance

in the face of a changing climate.

Drought tolerant and native species should find a place in most designs, and plants are selected for their seasonal interest as well as their ecological attractiveness to birds, bees, butterflies and pollinators. My planting plans are based on the fundamental horticultural design principle of using the right plant for the right place.

I have experience designing many varied styles of landscapes; from crisp and minimal contemporary living spaces, to tropic infused oases, to family friendly backyard edible landscapes. With a wide variety of design experience and software skills, I create designs that speak to my client’s unique lifestyle.

  • Contemporary, minimalistic, outdoor living
  • Mediterranean, drought tolerant, xeriscapes
  • Cottage gardens, new perennialist / american prairie
  • Water features: ponds, fountains, water walls, rain & bog gardens
  • Edibles, regenerative permaculture
  • Native species, pollinator attracting, BBB’s (birds, bees, butterflies)
  • Asian fusion, temperate tropical style
  • Classic, traditional, formal

I have gained an intimate knowledge of horticulture through my years of mucking about in gardens.

I definitely qualify as a plant nerd.

I am never more happy than when out in the wild with my wonderful family, seeing new and unusual plants in their habitats. In the spare hours between landscape design and client meetings, I can be found hiking and canoeing the wilderness with my husband, Jesse, and two children, Clara and Nikolaus. Or gardening.