Design Initial Consultation

$100 per hour + GST (1 to 2 hours recommended)

  • Residential Front and Back Yards
  • Full Residential Lots: rural, urban, suburban, recreational
  • For Commercial properties, please contact me for a project assessment.

Please note that for site visits and consultations at properties outside the Comox Valley I do charge for travel time and kms round trip.

Landscape Design Cost

Landscaping is expensive; labour shortages and high material costs are rising.

Be aware that making changes to a garden is a big investment in time and money – whatever your budget. A proper, comprehensive design will help you avoid spending needless time and money.

Residential Landscape Design packages generally range between $1500.00 to $8000.00 + GST, depending on the scope of the project, complexity of the design, desired elements, and necessary revisions.

Do you need a Design?

PLANNING: When you build a house, you need blueprints. An outdoor living space is exactly the same, with a myriad of questions to be considered and answered.

EXECUTION: The company that installs your landscape needs to know exactly what you want to create so they can provide you with an accurate estimate for their installation. It saves you time, money, and a lot of headaches to determine exactly what you want for your space, and if you can fit it within your budget.

MANAGING TIMELINES: A complex landscape design can take months to finalize, sometimes up to a year, and reputable landscape contractors are in high demand. Plan ahead to avoid disappointment.


Once your design is finalized, you and your landscape contractor will have an complete understanding as to how all the elements interact with each other over a wide space within the overall style and theme.

Landscape installation permitting from your regional municipality or district may be required depending on the desired elements within your design.

Roofed structures, decks, pools, large retaining walls, and other features likely require building permits.


The major elements of the design are defined and detailed: hardscape layout such as decks, patios, pergolas, materials, specimen plants and under-plantings, soil and mulch areas, irrigation and lighting recommendations, utility lines, storage solutions, parking arrangements, etc.

I do not offer the services of a Landscape Architect or Engineer. As such some construction details may require additional discussion with your contractor or engineer.


You will have the ability to choose the best installation estimate from our local landscape contractors. You can compare apples to apples as each contractor can provide a detailed estimate based on your thorough design.

Please be advised that landscaping is expensive. Every square foot or feature that is added increases material and labour costs. Managing expectations is one of my key goals during the design process.