Design Process

Design Consultation, Service Agreement & Site Analysis

  • A meeting and walk through your property starts our design process, giving us time to discuss the scope, complexity and nuance of your project.
  • This is a time for you to express your goals and needs, and for me to listen; to draw out the questions that will convey your lifestyle to me.
  • Clear expectations are discussed regarding realistic budgets, timeframes for design and installation and the types of services I offer.
  • After our meeting, I will send you a Service Agreement, which I will ask you to confirm with signature and 50% deposit before we proceed.
  • This Service Agreement encompasses design services only, and not installation costs.
  • A complete on location Site Analysis details grades, exposure, soil conditions, privacy needs, etc.

Concept Drawings & Presentation Meeting

  • The Concept Drawing conveys the overall layout and tone of the design based on our consultation. Available in black and white or in full colour.
  • Theme Boards provide vignettes, suggested planting schemes, and recommended materials.
  • 3D image perspectives, or digital sketches may be useful to help visualize the space.
  • Download this PDF for more details about the design drawings I offer.

Final Design

  • After review and discussion of the Concept & Theme Boards, revisions are finalized and details are added to form the Final Design.
  • The Final Design is the summary and master plan of the entire project, bringing together hardscape and softscape details for a cohesive vision.
  • 3D Images are available to add to your Final Design to better visualize the space.

Dimension Plan

  • Hardscape specifications for patios, decks, pathways, edging and walls with recommended commercial brand / stone type, colourway and patterns
  • Softscape garden beds and linear edging measurements are indicated
  • Lighting suggestions
  • Grading notes, drainage recommendations
  • Cross sections and elevations if required
  • NOTE: Permits and additional engineered drawings may be required for some landscape features

Planting Plan

  • The Planting Plan shows the locations of all the proposed plants; trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, potted plants, aquatics and marginals, vegetable garden areas
  • It includes notes on planting requirements, soil and mulch depths, drought and deer tolerance and general irrigation recommendations.
  • The Master Plant List is an attached spreadsheet with botanical name, common name, recommended sizes, quantities required with notes on habit and special care instructions
  • A maintenance schedule is available if desired

Landscape & Garden Installation

Upon completion of your Final Design I can help you to:

  • Refer a reputable and reliable landscape contractor to install the design
  • Guide you through the installation as a Consultant (inquire about availability and fees)
  • Please be aware that quotes take time to source from busy qualified contractors as their services are in great demand
  • Plan early to be ready for your desired installation season